About HR Path

Human Resources Path was founded to inspire and educate those in the business world who are interested in a career in HR. We pull together resources, interviews with people in the field, and personal experience to let interested professionals know what it takes to work in this exciting career.

Editorial Team

Sarah Lind

Sarah Lind is the Managing Editor of Human Resources Path. A graduate of Arizona State University, she has a BA in Communication and a Master of Arts in Adult Education and Training. Sarah worked as a corporate trainer for a publicly traded Fortune 500 company for many years, and her specialties include new hire training, onboarding, employee development, employee engagement, surveys and testing and performance management.

Her writing and editing work has appeared on a variety of career and business websites.

When she’s not writing, Sarah enjoys yoga, dancing, photography, and watching basketball.

Jason Moore

Jason is a longtime employee engagement specialist, focused on building teams and optimizing performance of existing employees within organizations. With HR Path, Jason’s focus is on spreading awareness of our site and its content to others in the business world, and working with our internal team to constantly improve our own human resources processes. Jason has a degree in Business Management and he has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies turn around low-performing teams and exceed performance goals.

Data Sources

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